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The MaxFlex Content Management System

The MaxFlex Content Management System

A powerful backbone to your website

The MaxFlex Content Management System is a powerful backbone to your website.

It gives you complete control over all the aspects of your website and keeps all your data private. One of the major pitfalls of "out of the box" systems is that they rely on and use common databases which in some cases share your data with them.

Using this customizable system you are guaranteed privacy of your data, your customers and all on a secure private server

You can use this portal to log on to your email securely and privately from anywhere in the world on any computer.

Add/Publish/Hide/Delete any navigation menu tabs at will.

Create as many pages for these tabs as you like as well with the same ability to Add/Publish/Hide/Delete

Once the MaxFlex CMS system is installed on your website, you control the content.

Image Management Module

Image Management Module

Easily Control Images

This Image Module integrates seamlesly with all aspects of the MaxFlex Content Management System.

From this module you can rename your image being uploaded, give it Alt tags which help in site SEO, provide a caption and also write some accompanying text.

This text can be displayed in slideshows where you choose you use this image and also helps in site SEO boosting!

Slideshow Module

Slideshow Module

Everybody loves slideshows!

Everybody likes looking at a slideshow of images.

They are a fantastic way to quickly get your ideas across in an engaging manner.

The Slideshow Module integrates into the MaxFlex Content Management System so simply that any web novice can create and place a slideshow into their webpage

On Line Retailing

On Line Retailing

Sell your products to a global audience

Shoppers are moving away from visiting the high street and are more often doing their shopping from the comfort of their home.

Having an online eCommerce presence is vital in todays ever changing way in which people do their day to day business.

Use the MaxFlex Content Management System to market your products and services.

You can also integrate this eCommerce solution solely for the purpose of raising money for charity, accept bookings for an event and take reservations with or without a deposit

Cant sleep?

then get out of bed and do something!

awake all night wondering....

are you a deslexic insomniac staying awake all night wondering if there really is a dog?

well if you are up, chances are we are too. lately it seems that workload is taking us well into the early hours to get all the things done we need to do today.

why not drop us an email and see how fast we respond?

Yougo Adventure website

Project i am currently finishing my work for. It is an adventure booking website in the UK. I provided all the software and worked on the design along with DCC Design of Cornwall

The London Inn Padstow

The London Inn Padstow

Historic Padstow Pub and B&B

Provided the web design, backend CMS and a restaurant table booking system.

Preston leads the way

Preston Manning

Broncos ride high with Preston Manning

The Denver Broncos look ggod to go deep in the playoffs this year thanks greatly to the record breaking season Manning is on. I will be hosting an NFL playoff pool on this site in the next weeks. It will be a 50/50 type pool with half of the proceeds going to my cycle charities.

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