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Top SEO tips and tricks to get your website found

top seo tips and tricks for getting your webpage on the first page

following these simple steps will get your products and website seen on the first page of google and other search engines


Creating Website Pages.

Creating web pages for your website is easy. First you create a navigation title. This is the heading that all your sub pages will be found under. You can choose whether this page or category  will show up on the top navigation or the side navigation. You can create as many topics or sub pages as you like and they too can have sub topics or pages as well and as many as you like

Hot SEO Tip Content is king as they say when it comes to SEO and first page ranking on Google and other search engines. Focus your idea into blocks or topics. you can create other pages that deal with each topic so think of the key idea for this one. Sum up your idea in a short sentence. This sentence will become your keyword strategy's, focus. You will be using these keywords when filling in the Meta tags for your website.
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Creating The Navigation

Creating the navigation  so people visiting your website can find the web pages easily is very simple. You can choose whether this navigation tree or list will show up on the top navigation menu or the side navigation. menu.

Hot SEO Tip Search engine optimized webpages have a keyword strategy as their backbone. Each page should be unique and target one word and a phrase to reach customers searching online. These keywords should determine the titles of your web pages, how the content is written and what you offer. Keywords are the basic building blocks of online success. This is one tip of many to maximize your ranking on search engines
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Creating Sub Website Pages

You now have a navigation menu header, now putting website pages inside it is simply a click away

Hot SEO Tip - Think of a main idea that has many sub topics you could talk about. Create individual pages for each of these sub topics spreading the content out over your site while maintaining a 500 word per page structure.
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Using Images Tips

Images are very useful for many reasons.  A few of them are they make the webpage pretty, they show up in google image searches and the help with SEO ranking

Hot SEO Tip Use Interesting  images . This may seem obvious but it is definitely true. People look at what interests them the most first. To stand out from the crowd, use your own images as much as possible. Take the time to create and compose your images so they convey an idea quickly and clearly. If you cannot create unique quality images, it pays to hire someone who can for you.
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Using Slideshows Tips

Slideshows can bring your web site  page to life. You can create slideshows and save them from the images you've uploaded. you can control the speed of the slideshow and how it is displayed on the page

Hot SEO Tip - Best practice is to create images of all being exactly the right size for the slideshow you want and upload them before you add slides into the slideshow. Upload them all using your web sites SEO tricked out image uploader. Fill in the,Images alt and title tags to reflect your,keyword strategy to focus your page to get first page status on Google

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