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Creating website pages tips and tricks

top SEO tip -before you build a web site page get your ducks ready

before you start building your web page, get your ducks in a row so that the web page creation process is streamlined and efficient

Before i start creating a web page i think of what images i may need and what i am going to say. I also think of what keywords people may enter into a search engine that would help them find the page. With these ready, i can create all the necessary components to build a well thought out, balanced, search engine optimized and informative website page that people may want to read.

What is the website page all about?

Content is king as they say when it comes to SEO and first page ranking on Google and other search engines. Focus your idea into blocks or topics. you can create other pages that deal with each topic so think of the key idea for this one. Sum up your idea in a short sentence. This sentence will become your keyword strategy's, focus. You will be using these keywords when filling in the Meta tags for your website.

Get your images ready

You know what your going to say. Now how are you going to re-inforce that with images. Images work for you on your website so use them. Importantly, use them effectively to get your website discovered. People always say "i need to get my website on the first page of Google". They should also say "i need to get my images on the first page of Google Images"., Images have attributes that you can manipulate to your advantage. Find or create unique (yes unique) images to use on your web page that say in seconds what your thoughts want to convey. Take the time to name these images first if you are going to upload them directly into the text editor. Better yet is to upload them all using your web sites SEO tricked out image uploader. Fill in the,Images alt and title tags to reflect your,keyword strategy to focus your page to get first page status on Google

slide show or no slideshow?

You know what your going to say. You know what your images are going to be all about . Now it is time to decide whether or not to use them scattered or peppered effectively in your content or create a slideshow to use them in one spot. You may want to do both. Slideshows do "captivate" your web site page user and hold them on the page longer. The powerful and flexible slideshow module that integrates in this CMS will allow you to show the image caption, title and description on the web page. This is very good for SEO. The information you have in there will get indexed when robots crawl your website looking for valid content. If you decide to use a slideshow and you have not yet created one that is suitable for this web page, now is the time to do so. If you have not uploaded the images you will need, do that first.

Insert the page into the navigation

You know what your going to say. You know what your images are going to be all about and you may have decided whether or not to use a slideshow. Now you are completely ready to insert the website page into the main top and side navigation menus.