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Managing slideshows for SEO strength - create - edit - images

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You know what your going to say and what images will you use . Now put them in a slideshow to help that first page ranking!

You have uploaded images onto the server. You've optimized the image tags for maximum possible search engine first page ranking. now let's place those images into a slideshow to get them working harder for you.

Create the new slideshow

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Click New Slideshow at the top of the page

Name the slide show

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Name your slideshow using your keyword phrases this title will also be shown above the slideshow on the page you use it if you choose the option to show slideshow name

set the dimensions of the size

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First decide how much horizontal space the slideshow will take up. Because your web site page may be viewed on a number of different devices, most of the sizing done on your website is based on percentages. Whether a viewer is using a mobile or a huge desktop with a massive screen we create the web pages to fill a 100% of the screen. Inside the website we have different containers or DIV's which are again a percentage of that. Your slideshow will take up a percentage of the container you want it in. In almost every case we would put 100 for a fullwidth in the Slideshow Container width box. For height we enter in a number in pixels. The image above is 140 px. i like a slideshow height of 300-400, but that is up to you.

The Image container sits inside the slideshow container. If you are not using a description in the slideshow set the image width also to 100. If you are using descriptions, they will appear beside the image. Decide how much in % the image should take and the remainder will be for description. For image height enter a number the same as or less than the slideshow container height. Images will be cropped from top left if they do not fit the container, they will not be resized as they can look pretty weird and not so nice in some cases. If you want all of all of the slides to be shown for sure, find out what is the biggest image height and set the height in both boxes so that all the image will show.

Best practice is to create images of all being exactly the right size for the slideshow you want and upload them before you add slides into the slideshow.

align the image container

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choose left or right. The image will be displayed inside the slideshow container in which way you choose

Set the controls

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The slide show works on this formula, 1000 = 1 second. So 5000 = 5 seconds. The Pause is how long each slide stays on screen before the change begins. If you are using descriptions with a lot of text, you may want a longer pause. The Fade In is how long the it takes for the new slide to appear. The Fade Out is how long it takes for the current slide to disappear. The types are how the slides fade in and out. Current slide fades out, new slide fades in (Fade). Current slides dissolves and next slide appears at the same time(crossfade). Current slide disappears and next appears at the same time( crossfade1)
If are using captions or descriptions it is best to keep the fade speeds under 500 as the text overlaps and becomes confusing to read.

Show Name, title, caption or desc?

use name, caption or titles? another top seo tip and trick from a cork web developer

Simply click show or hide beside what you would like. when you click show, an alignment window appears and you can float the text accordingly within its container.

create the slideshow

save the slideshow

Pressing create slideshow adds the new slideshow to the database and once you've added images, you can use it anywhere on the web site using your CMS

edit the slideshow

choose slide show to edit

Click list slideshows at the top of the page. Click edit beside the slideshow name you would like you manage. To delete a slideshow press delete. The slideshow (not the images) will be removed from the server. Any pages you have that slideshow on will no longer show it. To clone a slideshow (use the same images and settings in a new one) press clone. remember to give the cloned slideshow a newname! To view a slideshow, press view.

Add slides to the slideshow

add an inage to the slideshow

In edit mode on the right of the page are all the images available to you to use on the slideshow. Simply press use to add to a slideshow. pressing delete will remove it from the database and anywhere you may have used that image on the site will now have a broken link. Be sure you have not used an image before you delete it!

Change the order of the slides

move slides up or down

From the list of slides in the slideshow, press up to move a slide up in the order, press down to move it down. To remove a slide press remove. (this will not delete the image it will just remove it from this slideshow)

Edit one of the Images

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Click Edit on the Image. You can now use the the Image processor to update the Image to suit the slideshow or page you may want use it in. If you would like to Just change the details of the image like the caption or description, in the image title box enter a new name that is different from the one that is already in the image title box. This will keep the old Image and it's details intact and create a new one that you can write new content for to use in this slideshow. Wherever you, have the used image before will remain the same as before. If you would like it to be this newer version, update your CMS and slideshows to include this newer version. It has a new name and your website needs to know to use the new one.

You can also just change one of the options like caption, Alt, File or description and keep these changes for this image only. Everywhere you have used this image on the website will now also be updated as you have not changed the actual title or name of the image

Change the Image itself

change the image itself

You want to keep all the data about the image the same but want a new picture? Click browse and choose the new image from your files. When you click update, all of the other information will remain the same and your new image is now switched all over your website where you have already used it.

Save your Image edits

Click Update Image. Your new image is now in place. Clicking delete will delete the image from the server and anywhere you may have used it will now have a broken link. Make sure you have not used the image already before you delete the image. This is permanent and cannot be reversed