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Setting the Main Image

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Taking the time to do a few simple things will help your customers browse quickly and find items they want to buy. Doing it right speeds up the shopping experience and increases impulse buys

Open the Store's Main CMS Module

Open the store cms module - step one to  getting website ranking no 1 on first page of google- another top SEO tip and trick from corkfreelance  web developer

If you cannot see this link, click the "Shop" button. It will open the main categories for your store. Click the Edit button on the right to get into "Edit Mode". Clicking "View" will show you how the main store page looks on your website. Clicking "hide" will remove the link from your website, hiding it from the public, but will not remove any of the information related to it. You cannot "Delete" your shop!

Manage Your Product and category images from the Cart Module

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you have two windows on the product or category page module.
One is the New Image module. Use this one to upload a new image that you want displayed on that product or Category page. The other is the Image on edit module.(both are displayed on the manager page). Use this one to edit or make any changes to one of the product's or categories all the image editor field work the same as the CMS Image Manager. To sort your images according to product or category so you can find them quickly, use the "file Image under" function by naming the file the product or category that you will use it in.

Call the image something unique and related to the product or category itself that you will be able to recognize at a glance. Remember this Title will be displayed with the image along with it's price (if a product, like above)

To use use the image as the Main Image for the product or category, click the Use as Main Image button before Updating or Uploading the new image. You can also change this at any time by clicking the Main button on any image. Clicking Slide will add it to this product's or category's slideshow. Clicking edit will bring the image to the image editor and clicking delete WILL DELETE THE IMAGE. hatever image is the Main Image will be in the Main Image box. if that box is empty, no main image has been picked yet. The main image will appear on all places for that category or product in the cart itself and also be the big one on the left above. be sure to use quality images

set your main image to maximize page ranking. another top seo tip and trick from a cork web developer Use as main image

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whatever images you upload while having a product or category module will be associated with that product or category at all times. If you use them in a slideshow, they will show the right links to click through to. So upload each image to the right product or category module!

Adding slides and Using a Cart slideshow

use the images in a slideshow to maximize page ranking. another top seo tip and trick from a cork web developer

If you have no images in the product or category slideshow, no slideshow will occur for that product or category. If you do not want a slkideshow, make sure the are under Images in slideshow is empty. To empty the slideshow, just click remove beside each picture. To add an image to the slide just click beside the pictures  in the image list in the center of the module