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Keywords are more than just words, they are the key for your strategy

using meta tags can help boost your website on search engines

Is there one magic keyword which can get my website to the top of Google’s page rank? 

Search engine optimized webpages have a keyword strategy as their backbone. Each page should be unique and target one word and a phrase to reach customers  searching  online. These keywords should determine the titles of your web pages, how the content is written and what you offer.  Keywords are the basic building blocks of online success. This is one tip of many to maximize your ranking on search engines

Identify Long Tail Keywords or Keyword Phrases

People rarely type one word into a search engine like "bikes".  The number of results are too massive. Finding what they need usually requires a phrase like "bike repair shops" and maybe even a geographic identifier like Cork City. These are long tail keywords. The title of your pages and the content within should use these keyword phrases as a focus for the web searcher to find you.

Develop website pages that deliver results

Your website is a book with a number of unique pages. Yes you want the web searcher to come to your site, but does it really matter which page they find first? Think of each page as a unique landing place that your customer may find you after typing in a keywrod phrase into a search engine . Think of all the keyword phrases you would use to find your website and start developing pages for each one. The wider the net you cast, the more customers you will attract to your website. You may have many products that cater to many clients or many variations of the product you have to offer. The more pages of unique content with variations on your keyword phrase results in more chances of you "catching" the customer from a search into your net and drawing them into your site. Once there they will discover all the good content and products you have to offer them, they will stay on your site longer and increasing the potential for a sale.