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Do Meta Tags still mean anything to search engines?

using meta tags can help boost your website on search engines

It is a common notion that one of the most outdated SEO methods is to try to optimize a page or website using the meta tags.

In fact, that is not completely true. What propelled  Google’s effectiveness as a search engine was finding a replacement for the keyword meta tag and  replacing that with linking data. If you think stacking the meta keyword tag with everything but the kitchen sink works, forget it. Most search engines now completely ignore this over used and abused meta tag. Some Search engines still do look here for information so adding in a few words from your keyword phrases will not hurt at all. This is one tip of many to maximize your ranking on search engines

What is important is The Meta Description

Meta description tags are indeed very useful and important. While it may be true that the search engines do not use this tag in any way to determine rankings, they still use them when your web page is displayed in the search engine listings.  This is an example:

Art van Leeuwen | Top Websites designed by top cork web developer

Creative web design for Clients in cork ireland, SEO expertise and CMS systems by freelance web developer art van leeuwen, Corks Top web expert.

This description is listed below the title of the page in the search engine listing. This is a key way to engage your customer to click through to your site by reading the description you provide. Treat your meta description like an opportunity to sell your website page in a 160 character sound byte to your customers. It is your chance to tell the searcher you have what they are looking for.

Put keywords from your keyword phrases into the meta description tag where possible in a logical sentence structure. The search engines will bold the keyword, drawing the searcher’s attention to your website. Your description should compel the searcher to click your link because they want to learn more.

Each page on your website should have unique meta descriptions. If every page has the same description, search engines will discount them as being valid thinking that the pages are identical

These meta descriptions also get used on Facebook shares telling the friends of whoever shared your website page, a quick bit about your website and why they too may want to click and read more

Stay away from special characters like question marks(?) or double quotes("). These will cut off your description from showing at all making them useless to you. if you need to use a quote, use a single quote (') instead. The best practice is to use only letters from the alphabet and numbers in the description.

Use the title tag to attract your customer

The title tag is a quick way to grab the attention of the web searcher. Utilize your keyword phrases here to quickly describe what the page the searcher will find when they click your link. Make sure your page title is keyword rich and sentence like when read. Your title should be no longer than 70 characters and ideally about 60 for listing and display purposes.