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Setting up the Sub Categories | SEO tricks | freelance web design

Use sub categories to focus your buyer seo tip and trick from freelance cork web developer

Imagine your online store as a real store with aisles, displays racks and shelves. The shopping cart Sub categories are like the displays and shelves of your store. Let's set up these sub categories using top SEO tips and tricks to get your products found quick by being #1 on the first of Google and other search engines

Open the Category First

choose a category from your quick list

Click the Category name from the category buttons beside "Shop". It will open that category for your store. This Window will be visible

Use sub categories to focus your buyer seo tip and trick from freelance cork web developer

In the box above, enter the name of your sub category under "Name". Try and keep it under five words and as few as possible so that the person browsing your website will understand what the Sub Category may be about. Now think of a short sentence to describe what your sub category is all about using your keyword strategy's focus. Enter this under Link Url., If You think the sub category will need more categories click "This category has more categories". If you think this sub category will display products, click "this category has products". All set? Click Create New Sub Category. You can as many sub categories as you like and yes sub categories can have sub categories as well.


slideshow or no slideshow

if you do not want a slideshow, leave slideshow set at no slideshow and slideshow position at none.
if you do want a slideshow we will create one later, using the stores in built slideshow program. it will display the categories and products on offer with direct links that can be clicked to get the customer to where they want buy fast! For now choose where the slideshow will appear on the page. (Top, Middle or Bottom) Top will place the slideshow above the CMS content. Bottom will place the slideshow under the content. Middle will give you two areas of content and the slideshow will appear between them.

Set the Meta tags

If you are not sure what meta tags are about read these top SEO tips and tricks for meta tags.

meta description

the meta tag description is useful in SEO website user friendliness

Meta description tags are indeed very useful and important. While it may be true that the search engines do not use this tag in any way to determine rankings, they still use them when your web page is displayed in the search engine listings.
This description is listed below the title of the page in the search engine listing. This is a key way to engage your customer to click through to your site by reading the description you provide. Treat your meta description like an opportunity to sell your website page in a 160 character sound byte to your customers. It is your chance to tell the searcher you have what they are looking for.

Put keywords from your keyword phrases into the meta description tag where possible in a logical sentence structure. The search engines will bold the keyword, drawing the searcher’s attention to your website. Your description should compel the searcher to click your link because they want to learn more.

Each page on your website should have unique meta descriptions. If every page has the same description, search engines will discount them as being valid thinking that the pages are identical

These meta descriptions also get used on Facebook shares telling the friends of whoever shared your website page, a quick bit about your website and why they too may want to click and read more

Stay away from special characters like question marks(?) or double quotes("). These will cut off your description from showing at all making them useless to you. if you need to use a quote, use a single quote (') instead. The best practice is to use only letters from the alphabet and numbers in the description.

Meta Keywords

keywords can be useful for SEO first page ranking

While it is true that the big two search engines, Google and Bing, do not read this data while indexing your website, other web applications do. It does not hurt to fill these in as words or two word phrases each separated by a comma. Again here do not use any special characters. Stick to alphanumeric ones only.

Meta title tag

use the title meta title tag to get first page ranking on google

The title tag is a quick way to grab the attention of the web searcher. Utilize your keyword phrases here to quickly describe what the page the searcher will find when they click your link. Make sure your page title is keyword rich and sentence like when read. Your title should be no longer than 70 characters and ideally about 60 for listing and display purposes.

The biggie, The content

Here you fill in your content. the meat and potatoes of your website page. you can use this editor to upload images or insert them from the images you have on file. We have styled the editor to match pretty closely how things will appear on your web site page from the style we have created for you. You can keep this short and sweet if you are using a slideshow as it will do a load of work for you. If not, do use quality images using the Flex CMS SEO tricked out image uploader. For best results in search engines, each page should have at least 500 words of quality content that is useful and informative. there is a word counter at the bottom of this text editor

use 500 words in your content. another top seo tip and trick from a cork web developer
You can use the little triangle in the bottom left to make the window bigger if needed

Preview or save

save your edited SEO tricked out web page or view it first

Pressing preview will show you what the store's home page will look like on the website. It saves your edits but does not write them to website server. This way you can make changes, see how they look and when you are ready you can press save. Pressing save will write the changes into the server so that your page will now look this new version when clicked by a web user.

manage Category Images

use the images to maximize page ranking. another top seo tip and trick from a cork web developer

Uploading images directly from the Shopping cart module "tags and encodes them" with special information about the products you are selling. When displayed in a slideshow, they will also have the shopping information built in so that when your customer clicks on them, they will be able to buy or browse easily and quickly.
Read the steps required to get your images to " Sing", for youLearn More

Managing category slideshows

use the images in a slideshow to maximize page ranking. another top seo tip and trick from a cork web developer

Each Category, whether a main or sub category or a product, can have it's own very unique slideshow carousel that will display what is on offer in that category. These images will display links where your customers can "Buy Now" or "Browse" for more information. This leads to quick scanning of your products and speeds up the impulse buy trigger.
Read the steps required to get your slideshows, to " Showcase" what you have to sell for youLearn More