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1969 Les Paul Recording Bass

Solid Honduran mahogany body, set 3-piece mahogany neck with Brazillian rosewood fretboard. Two low-impedance humbucking pickups. 30 1/2 inch scale.

The Les Paul Bass was an advanced instrument for its time. From the 1969 Les Paul Bass brochure:

The Les Paul Bass is equipped with the most advanced electronic tonal network available today. This unique instrument will produce literally all modern bass tonalities and bring forth sounds never before achieved on an eletric bass. This innovative instrument has been produced through endless hours of research by the finest Gibson craftsmen and the most knowledgeable electronic engineers.
The pickups are low impedance humbuckers, and were specially designed for this bass. The three way tone selector switch changes the number of coil turns actually connected to the output, making the pickups themselves cooler or hotter.

The phase switch, and tone selector, are attached to a plastic control plate. The three controls are treble, bass, and volume. These controls were all scratchplated-mounted when this bass was updated to the Triumph in 1972 - see the controls of the Triumph bass here

The tone selector switch is very interesting. This actually determined how many turns of the pickups were actually connected to the output circuitry: position 1 used the fully wound pickup, with positions 2 and 3 using progressively less.

Bridge updated to a BadAss bridge.