Art van Leeuwen | Stuck in a Hole | words by Art van Leeuwen

when never taking credit for what you truly deserve and writing the novel of reasons why you have accomplished so much or not so much. when the vision is outward only without the inclusion of self....this can happen....

wordless letters
silent phone calls
lost connections
people forgot

leads unfollowed
shunned alliance
avoided assistance
promises broke

stock piled emotion
cob webbed invention
sleeveless aces
inspiration starved

untapped resources
reservoirs flooded
ability squandered
misplaced goals

bells unanswered
unasked questions
roads left waiting
ignored knocks

stroke less paddles
obstacles quit on
unscaled hills
unturned rocks

remorseless feeling
light bulbs burnt out
dogs left laying
averted looks

dusty paintings
scoreless symphonies
unplayed anthems
sleeping dreams

feeling sorry?
all passed over?
withdraw slowly
sinking lower

rather hit the snooze alarm
than do
what you
must do?

you're not stuck
in a hole

the world
around you