Shotgun-Music and Lyrics by Cork freelance artist, songwriter and poet

Ii was sixteen years old and frisky as hell. one day i realized that women hold a lot of power. If i were not careful, they could manipulate me into a situation i was not planning on

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you better watch out
you better not cry
they're coming with guns
head for the hills
hide behind a rock
they've got loaded guns
you got me in your sights
there ain't nowhere to run
now I'm looking down the barrel
of your loaded shotgun

you say you love me woman
you say it's true
you say you got what it takes to
get rid of my blues
you say want my lovin'
you don't want no seed
you just want a musky husky
to do the slippy deed
i don't want to be no father
i just want some fun
now I'm looking down the barrel
of daddy's loaded gun

step into my lair
said the spider to the fly
come inside here big boy
take me for a ride
my man's gone out of town
won't be back for a week
you'll be sliding
I'll be riding
it will be so sweet
don't lead me like a lamb to slaughter
i just want some fun
now I'm shaking
hiding in a closet
husband's home with a gun

you said it was so big and sporty
you had to drive my car
you said you'd be very careful
wouldn't go that far
you'd take care
you wouldn't hurt it
just a quick short ride
besides you said
you had insurance
it was only for the night
i went and put my faith in you girl
now look at what you've done
I'm infected
slowly dying
God damn your shotgun