The Peacock Rooster-original painting using oil  by freelance cork artist, web site designer and developer

things don't always go the way you want sometimes.

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The earth trembled
buildings shook
watches stopped
last chances took
tree release
their leaves to the air
cars collide
the rich despair
babies wail
while the fat lady sings
meek inherit
what the harbinger brings
heart beats skip
and breaths are held
players wince
at the hands that dealt
markets crumble
the bubble pops
winds are flamed
the barometer drops

this ain't Kansas
Dorothy would say
the sky is filled
with a menancing grey

get over it
it is not
the end of the world

no one noticed
except for you girl

your eyes are like lasers
as you wish
the waiter dead

you wanted soda
with a lime

he brought a lemon instead