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Michelle two ells having a nap.-original drawing using permanent marker and ink by freelance cork artist, web site designer and developer

How pretty we can feel with the right potions . too bad that doesn't help us become beautiful

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a healthy vibrant
radiant beauty
full of charm and wit
had to go
and score some blow
become a sack of shit

became a drug
took on the power of a slimy slug
the good inside
it cried and tugged
while evil sat
and smiled and shrugged

costs more than a paycheck
to go insane
your body dies
while you jack up your brain
escape to the chemical
it's all in vain
when it's over
your older
and still in pain

with it
with it
it makes you grow

with it
be real
with it
your love show

ain't just a state of mind
simple to come by
and easier to find
look in a mirror and see what you can be
take your face
and put a smile on it
and set yourself free

you won't find love
in a hypodermic rocket
no passion
can be fashioned
from a blown out socket

love is emitted
it comes from inside
you got to give it to receive it
it don't find those who hide